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Getting Lost to the Summer of Fun: It’s Time to Catch Up

It’s been a while, I know. (Luckily for me, the dates don’t show as part of my posts :P) But, for those that may have been wondering where I have been, it’s time to catch up.

The Highlights

I believe the last time I wrote was sometime near the end of winter/beginning of spring, so let’s start there.


This year, I turned 38 years old. Now nearing the end of my 30’s and approaching a decade that does scare me just a little, I decided to celebrate with something that would scare me even more – rock climbing. Between my fear of falling and my fear of heights, I thought that this adventure was exactly what I needed. And it kind of was. My legs shook like jelly. I could only do the kiddy climbs, BUT, I did it anyway and had fun along the way. That adrenaline rush kept with me for quite some time.


The rest of the months seem to whirl by with a couple of family gatherings, Ian’s birthday and the end of the school year. Through this time, I felt pretty down in the dumps, lost and directionless again. Work was keeping me busy, but the move had taken more of a toll than I cared to admit, and it didn’t help that the warm weather took forever to come. Being stuck inside kept me feeling pretty isolated. As the spring ended though, I started to explore more and very slowly this anxiety & the feeling like I was constantly, no matter what, wading through mud slipped away bit by bit.

July & August

It’s been a wild ride living in a house on our own for the first time ever. From being super conservative with the AC to finding out that I’m a pretty fine gardener, living in the house has really grown on me.  With Ian home all summer, I found my own routine of retreating into my office, instead of working off the couch. And that routine actually allowed me to set work hours, lunch breaks and more. These habits are ones I always struggled with since email was just a quick check of my phone, which meant work was always with me. Now, I am happy to say that I have stricter schedules which allow me to relax more when I am out of my office.

My summer habits also included exploring and getting comfortable in our neighbourhood. It’s actually quite beautiful up here, and while I may still be a city girl at heart, I have really come to love all the walks, ponds, and yes even the farmyards across the street.


Speaking of farm-yards, I may have turned into a farmer! Ok, so that is a bit (read: a huge) stretch, but I do have 2 cherry tomato plants that are giving me a pint of tomatoes almost every day. I’m so proud!


Which brings us to today – The end of August. I don’t know what it is about the approach of September that seems to bring about a feeling of internal growth. Maybe it’s because I love school and miss the feeling of structured learning. Maybe it’s the changing weather, the approaching Pumpkin Spice Everything time – I really don’t know, but I found myself at a store today looking at day timers & thinking about goal setting. One of my biggest goals on my list right now is to get consistent with reaching out on KidfreeNotCarefree and creating a community for us. So, I bought myself my first planner in a long time and will be scheduling out some big plans for us here. I can’t wait to get started.


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2 thoughts on “Getting Lost to the Summer of Fun: It’s Time to Catch Up”

  1. It sounds lovely where you live – I’d love to be immersed in nature like that. I was a city person for years but have been craving wilderness more and more….Luckily in Ireland you’re never that far from a beach and my resolution is to swim all through the winter!


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