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Project Life, Project Finding Our Self: Taking The Time to Figure Out What is Important in Our Daily Life

From Monday to Friday, I am a virtual assistant. I provided client care (read Customer Service), as well as digital support to small, independently owned businesses. One of my clients is an online Photoshop Teacher, assisting students in learning photoshop techniques to enhance their businesses and add a little fun to their lives through digital scrapbooking.  The reason I share this is that I am currently taking one of her classes; Digital Project Life 2019, a class that helps you document a year in your life, in a yearbook-style album. Before I lose you – Digital Project Life was intimidating for me, but Jessica brings such enthusiasm to her classes, that I fell in love immediately. With prompts to add photos, write a little about each week, and add cute little details, Digital Project Life, or DPL as I know it, has helped me organize my photos, and keep a journal of my year.

Last year passed all too quickly for me. By the time December 31st rolled around, and I was asked what I was most proud of, I completely forgot about some amazing adventures I had; hitting my weight goal (55lbs down!), taking my first airplane trip alone, and climbing the CN Tower!

Sadly, while I do have photographs of all these events, I never printed out a single one of them, I have nothing tangible that I can hold in my hands and remind myself of what I can do, handle and well, show off!

So, one of my promises to myself this year is to remember it. All of it. The big; the goals I make and hit, and the small quiet moments of our daily life, and this I am quasi-struggling with. I think the original Project Life was created for crafty-moms, ready to document their growing family’s life, their kid’s first steps, first days of school, since there can be so much change, growth, and events in a year of a child’s life. Since, Mr. Beard and I are just that, just the 2 of us, with no big birthdays this year, or events scheduled, the week to week of our life can be a little quiet, slow and well similar week to week.

Taking photos and writing about daily life can seem uneventful, but then it struck me. These quiet times are what makes me happy, what makes our life uniquely ours. So, much to Mr. Beard’s chagrin, I’ve started taking more photos of our walks, snow shoveling (side note: will this winter ever end?), and dinners. And much like last year, more has already happened that I realized! Just a couple of weeks ago I went to my first 99th birthday party!

So, to that end, here’s to snappy shots, quiet days & the odd happy event to fill out my book this year.

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1 thought on “Project Life, Project Finding Our Self: Taking The Time to Figure Out What is Important in Our Daily Life”

  1. I think that’s a great idea. One of my biggest regrets is not keeping diaries, or taking photos. The masses of things I’ve forgotten, including entire weekends away (pre-digital) are terrifying – it’s like they never happened at all!


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