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The KidfreeNotCarefree Reading List: From Personal Growth to Laugh-Out-Loud Funny and Everything In Between

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Lately, my night-time routine is all out of whack. I’ve been going from watching a little TV, straight to bed where I scroll through Reddit, Facebook or the likes, and my sleep is suffering for it too. I may fall asleep, but I am not staying asleep. I am often restless, waking up so often, that come the morning a cup of coffee isn’t enough to power me through my days.

It wasn’t always like this. I used to go to bed, read a couple of chapters of a book, and fall asleep blissfully until the next morning. That’s why, while unmentioned in Change is in the air: Now is the perfect time for new goals, I have made reading a full book this month one of my mini-challenges.

On that note, I thought I would share what’s on my reading list/nightstand right now!

First off- the book I will read this month –


This isn’t my first time reading this book, but I wanted to revisit it before carrying on through her other ones. Daring Greatly is a deep look at how shame and vulnerability shape our lives – and has given me a lot of insight into why I react certain ways, and next steps to overcome my fear of being vulnerable.

But, if I am honest, I have never read this book cover to cover. While there is great insight into personal growth, it does include a chapter on parenting. I mention this, not to start a Us vs Them conversation, because I think we are all traveling through our own shit, but instead to mention that I, personally, as a childfree adult, do not read that section.


Next up is another personal growth book, but one I find much lighter, though it did kickstart not only my adventure into personal growth books, it also gave me the motivation and courage to finally join WW Meetings. I often return to You are a Badass when I find myself feeling stagnate and resisting change.



This book is a bit of a secret shame for me. Last Christmas, I let Ian know that I was really interested in reading it. The poor guy went to 3 different bookstores and couldn’t find a copy. It was sold out EVERYWHERE. With 3 weeks to Christmas left, he resorted to calling the bookstore close to his work every day. One time, they got 10 copies in. Ian left work at lunch to go buy it, but alas it was sold out before he made it in. He ended up ordering it from Amazon and gave it to me right after Christmas.

I tell this story, because, while it is a beautifully penned book, and I am so interested in it, especially given the work Ian put into getting it for me… I’ve never made it past the first section!

So, I added it to this list, because before 2020 begins, I am going to read this book!



Years ago, a good friend of mine gave me Jodi Picoult’s Plain Truth, and ever since then, I am hooked on her books. So while wandering through a used bookstore, I came upon Leaving Time and picked it up. When I bought it, I was constantly reading and thought then that this book would last me a week or two, but that’s when my habits changed, and I never even started it. Picoult’s novels may not be high literature, but they are captivating. I find her writing invites me into the world she makes, and once I’m there, I’m hooked and won’t put the book down!



Now, this book/comic collection is just brilliant. As a childfree, cat-loving woman, I can not recommend it enough.  Just go and get yourself a copy and enjoy 😉



What’s on your reading list? Have you read any of the books listed above? Comment below and let me know what you thought of them!

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