Time to Check-In on the KidfreeNotCarefree Pride Challenge! What are You Feeling Proud of Today?

Hi there!

I just wanted to check in at day five and see what you are feeling proud of today. If you have been following along, your list may have a list like mine that’s now 15 items long!

How inspiring is that?!

So, here is my check-in of what I have been proud of this week:

  • Healthy food choices
  • Bringing positivity to a difficult work email
  • Writing here on Kidfree Not Carefree
  • Being confident walking on snow-covered streets
  • The delicious dinner I made
  • How clean our house is
  • Meal prepping for a week of healthy, yet yummy eating
  • Going for a walk in the frigid temps
  • Put my phone away and just spent time with Ian
  • The Redesign of my blog
  • Being honest with a friend about difficult life decisions
  • The research I have done on promoting Kidfree Not Carefree
  • Becoming more confident in sharing our childfree life and choice
  • Picking up the phone and actually calling people, instead of texting
  • Made myself a priority and called in sick to work

Each one of these has a longer story to them, but in order to keep this as short and sweet as possible, there it is! There’s something so gratifying to have it down in words, and as you can see, some of the list (a good portion, really) is little items that when I am feeling down, I can look upon and remember that it did make me feel good, brought me joy and confidence.

So! How has your week been going? Please feel free to share your own list of pride down below, and help grow the confidence of each one of our childfree lives! I look forward to cheering you on.

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