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What is KidfreeNotCarefree?

As an avid reader of lifestyle blogs and books, I always cringe when I get to the point in the blog where motherhood comes up (and it always does, doesn’t it?). Kid-friendly snacks, how to organize a mother’s busy schedule and how to find personal time amongst tots running around… all of a sudden, my need for snacks for myself, my balancing act between work, family and my own time seem insignificant. Yet, I know it’s not. I know that running my own business, finding healthy, enjoyable snacks, and finding time to have fun, and time to just be me is its own balancing act. Throw in the choice to go childless, and well, I found that I needed my own space. Our own space.

Going childfree has not been an easy decision for me. The expectation to have children was absolutely there, and there was definitely a time that I thought I would go that route. But between illness-related issues with my husband and for personal reasons, we have decided to make our family a twosome (plus our 3 cats). I am not anti-children, in fact, I boast about being a fantastic aunt (ok, my boast may be that I am the BEST aunt, but who’s to judge?), but the peace and quiet of our home is just absolutely bliss for myself and my husband. For some of you, going this non-traditional route may have come much more easily, but for others, I know we are not alone in having at times perhaps struggled to accept this life. That is okay. There isn’t a right answer here. Having children would come with its own struggles, but there are plenty of spaces to discuss that.

KidfreeNotCarefree will be our space.

So welcome to KidfreeNotCarefree! Together, we’ll create a community to encourage, grow and share our favourite tips and tricks to make life easier, and share our worries when we have them. Some of the posts here will be focused on going childfree, other times kids will not factor in at all. If you have questions you want to discuss, topics to explore or just want to say hi, please do! I can’t wait to get started.

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